Who we are

We are a global community of systems thinkers and futures practitioners.

What we do

We are dedicated to building systems and futures literacy; and to sharing our exploration of collaborative ways to co-create and engage with diverse plausible futures, that challenge assumptions and provide foundations for systemic action to create more sustainable, equitable, inclusive and empowered societies.

Why we do it

We do this to support humans to live in harmony with themselves, each other, and the world around them; and to find paths to futures in which humans and the rest of the living world are in a mutually beneficial relationship.

How we do it

We do this through our community, and through our individual and collaborative systemic practice and foresight work.

Our community operates based on principles of radical generosity, radical trust and radical openness. We operate this way, even though the world around us doesn’t always do the same, because behaving in this way with integrity can change the world. We model the behaviour we would like to see in the world, and show people how successful it can be. 

Equity, diversity, inclusion and respect for humans and for nature, are foundational to our way of operating; as are humility and continuous learning.

Contact us

Please get in touch for more information, if you would like to join our community, or if you would like our community to support you in systems thinking and futures work.

Focal areas

Members of our community come from diverse disciplinary, sectoral, cultural and geographical backgrounds with diverse fields of knowledge and expertise. Our subject matter expertise covers water, food, energy, infrastructure, climate, biodiversity, education, health, community development, peace and reconciliation. According to the interests of our members, we work on these topics across our community.

 We focus on transitioning from extractive systems owned by a few to generative systems, inclusive of and owned by many, with respect to all of these. We build community ownership, leadership and wealth through our approaches.

Core capabilities

The core capabilities we focus on using and building in this community are related to systems thinking and futures; in particular, collaborative, multi-actor futures and systemic change processes. This includes but is not limited to: Critical Systems Thinking, Systemic Intervention, Systemic Innovation, Systemic Leadership, Stretch Collaboration, Collective Impact, Reflexive Integrative Multi-Actor (RIMA) Scenario Processes, Strategic Foresight, Participatory Modelling, Serious Games, Resilience-Based Planning and Management, Adaptive Management.


We operate in a place-based way, connected globally. We collaborate on systemic practice, strategic foresight, participatory futures projects. We are governed democratically and inclusively as a global cooperative of local cooperatives.



United Kingdom

United States

Global Coordination

Dr Ariella Helfgott (Australia based)
Paul Hermans (Australia based) 

Dr Rathana Norbert-Munns (Cambodia based) 

Nancy Muigei (Kenya based)

Dr Harley Pope (United Kingdom based)

Viviana Jimenez (United States, Colombia based)



Moira Were AM
Dr Jeremy Bentham
Dr Martin Sharman
Dr Wendy Gregory
Professor Gerald Midgely